Congratulations to all of this Year's Winners!

Saha Company Hero of the Year

Nicole Hagar - Bryan Properties

Nicole Hager is born and raised in the Springfield MO area attending both Ozarks Community College and MSU.  She begin her career with Bryan Properties in 2006 and has worked in a variety of positions during that time.  Currently she serves as the Director of Human Resources and Business Processes.  
Nicole truly has a passion for customer service and helping to build and develop her co workers and team. “She is a true rock star and inspires me every day!”

Manager of the Year
Kaitlyn Smith - Golden Pond

Kaitlyn is a remarkable individual who continuously demonstrates exceptional leadership skills and an unwavering commitment to excellence. With a career spanning over six years in the Apartment Industry, Kaitlyn has earned the title of "Manager of the Year" for her outstanding contributions and exceptional performance at Golden Pond Apartments.
Kaitlyn joined Canyon View Properties in 2017 as a Leasing Agent, where her dedication, professionalism, and outstanding customer service skills quickly set her apart. Through her pursuit of excellence and her genuine passion for the industry, she steadily climbed the ranks, demonstrating her ability to handle increasingly complex responsibilities.
Currently, Kaitlyn holds the position of Property Manager at Golden Pond Apartments, overseeing the largest apartment complex in the Springfield portfolio, which holds an impressive 611 units. Her organizational abilities, impressive problem-solving skills, and her keen attention to details have enabled her to effectively manage the operations, maintenance, and continual resident satisfaction of Golden Pond Apartments.

SAHA Leasing Person of the Year
Alyssa McCollum

Alyssa has a great personality and is always on task. She is ready to help dive into any kind of work that comes up. Alyssa has a great work ethic and has a team player outlook.
Alyssa continuously helps on multiple properties and has helped tremendously when her property manager departed helping hold together the community by going above and beyond.
Alyssa is a great asset and is always positive.


SAHA Maintenance Person of the Year

Chad Sutherland - The Villages

Chad’s journey of growth and transformation as a leader is truly commendable.  Chad’s dedication and commitment have been nothing short of inspiring.  Chad’s knowledge in the field is truly impressive but what sets him apart is his ability to adapt and evolve as a leader. 

Chad is constantly traveling from property to property to help out when needed.  He has helped many people feel like they have someone they can count on and trust.  This has helped build a family line a bond within the company, 

SAHA Vendor of the Year

Cathy Olson - Rent.

Cathy Olson is a native of Springfield, MO. Employed by RENT as a Sales Executive. She has been with the company for over 12 years.

As a Sales Executive she has had the privilege to work with many amazing people, properties and management companies in the Springfield market and in multiple states nationwide. Her  foremost goal is to learn about existing needs and provide solutions. It is important to Cathy that she become a member of their team and go beyond to provide the best in service.

Cathy was fortunate to earn the company President’s Award in 2022. This is awarded to 8 of the top salespersons nationwide. She is Google Certified.

Cathy has many passions because she is a passionate person. She  values people above everything. Blessed to have gotten to know so many through her career that are more than just a client. They’re people she cares about and consider as friends. She’s hit the jackpot in this category.

Her personal interests begin with her family, her friends, her two dogs (Cooper and Mork). Enjoy reading, learning, watching old movies, gardening and traveling.

SAHA Large Community Team of the Year

Bear Village - Bryan Properties

Bear Village is a 665 bed Student housing complex located in the heart of Springfield next to MSU Campus. Led by Connie Griffin, the whole team at Bear Village have over 285 front doors and they make resident experience a priority.

They have successfully leased this community up YOY and this year are set to fill up for 2024-2025 before Thanksgiving. With its impressive 7 buildings and resort style amenities, the maintenance supervisor Joe Windust of over 4 years and his team provide world class customer service making sure the grounds are kept up, pool is crystal clear and all work orders completed in a timely manner.  Bear village is a staple in the MSU community and is truly home to the Bears. 

The Bear Village team is unstoppable.  Bear Village is more than its gorgeous property.  It is the people, the maintenance team that has been consistent. 

SAHA Small Owner of the Year

Brent Haselhorst - Haselhorst Properties

Brent’s Property Management career began 33 years ago when his parents began buying rental property near Southwest Missouri State University.  Many of his school breaks were not spent at Daytona Beach or Cancun, but usually spent at Lowes or Home Depot remodeling the most recent purchase with his dad, with an occasional trip to Table Rock Lake. 

On graduation day Brent’s parents closed on their 4th rental house on the way to Brent’s graduation ceremony.    After the ceremony Brent met them in the lobby  to pick up the new keys,  He then took them in his cap and gown to the Sunvilla dorm to give the keys to his awaiting new tenants,  because of course  he had it pre- lease prior to even owing the home.

A year later Brent completed his Masters in Business Administration from Missouri State University, this is when he decided that maybe he could carve out a career doing what he loved.

 The next year the family bought and rehabbed 12 single family homes and than followed that up with the purchase of Wedgewood Apartments, their first 18-unit apartment building. As they say the rest is history!

Today Haselhorst Properties owns over 400 beds, near the University and has provided housing to thousands of college students over the years.  Brent is a past President of SAHA and has served on the board for over 20 years and he credits SAHA for much of the knowledge he has gained over the years.

SAHA Large Owner of the Year

Canyon View Properties

Canyon View Properties is a property management company established in 2011. As a subsidiary of Canyon View Capital, a reputable real estate investment firm founded in 2001. Recognizing the importance of managing their own communities, Canyon View Properties was established. We currently manage over 7,000 apartment units across four states in the Midwest and Midsouth regions.  

 Canyon View Properties offers ownership of the company to all vested employees, this has encouraged a true Owners Mindset throughout the company.  Loyalty, positivity and extreme talent secure their success.  

 Every year they give back to the community with their Annual CVP "Leave an Imprint" campaign.  They team with the residents of their communities and donate to numerous foundations throughout Springfield and surrounding areas.  

 Voted "National Apartment Associations Top Employer of the Year Award", for 2023, we are pleased to Introduce Canyon View Properties.

SAHA Small Community of the Year

Boomer Town - Entrust Central Leasing Office